The Road Upwards

As we walk along life's path we will face some obstacles.

As we walk along life’s path we will face some obstacles.

John Bunyan’s famous book “Pilgrim’s Progress” is all about the journey towards the Celestial City.  The story tells about all the obstacles and problems and blessings “Christian”, and his fellow travel companions face.  If you have not read this story, get a modern translation and put this at the top of your MUST read list for this year.

Reading Psalm 121 as the first Psalm for the year yesterday is filled with such promise.  It is a Psalm of accent.  Meaning that as the Israelites of old travelled along the pathways up to Jerusalem they sang this song of trust in God’s protection as they travelled.  Read it.



Looking to God for help in every aspect of our lives, trusting him for every outcome of every situation is core to our journey up to the “Celestial City”.

We need to embrace the presence of God in every aspect of our walk.  What lies ahead this year is beyond our knowledge.  Take hold of the promises whatever the challenges might be.  And when we get side tracked, return to his word, his guidance, his protection, his forgiveness, his grace and his mercy and love.Mountainside - Tokai forest

You may have some new years resolutions, or like me you may have a TO DO list that is scary, challenges I have no idea how to deal with or cope with.  But as we move up into the new year, look up to God, remember Psalm 121 in the dark times and be encouraged.