How ‘whole heart’ are we?

2 Chronicles 25

What do we learn about King Amaziah?  Many simply read past these historical records without much thought as to what we can learn.

This young king started well even if at first he did not do it with his whole heart.  He established his kingdom with justice and did not go on a wild massacre as some others did in order to establish his kingdom.  Here is the first lesson to learn and challenge to face, do we follow the Lord with our whole hearts?

But let us give this young king some credit if only initially.  When he had raised an army and paid out a large some of money for the mercenaries, he listened to prophet.  When told to send the mercenaries away he asked about the money he had spent on the Israelite troops.  Note well the man of God’s response in verse nine.  Do we trust God in the same way?  When we have made bad investments or spent money on ungodly efforts or things and realize this is not good, do we cut our loses, trusting God and move away?  Do we trust God fully?  Even good ‘things’, if these ‘things’ take our eyes and lives away from trusting God, they should be discarded.

Ultimately however, as the king did not start out ‘whole heartedly’, he lost his way.  Something happened and he stopped trusting God as he was led astray to worship other gods.  He worshipped gods who could not even help the people who initially worshipped them, how absurd.  When the man of God confronted him again, his response was so very different.  Instead of a sensitive heart and trust, the king threatens and rejects the prophet.  This leads ultimately to his own destruction and fall from power.

How is your commitment and trust to God?  Did you start well in your walk with God, but have become over confident in your own abilities?

In Matthew 13 Jesus tells the Parable of the sower, where does King Amaziah fit in, where do you fit in?