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I enjoy photography while I hike

Hiking on Table Mountain

Took a walk around Constantia Corner.  Great views over Orange Kloof and Houtbay.

I took a four-day break into the Cederberg mountains. Because I had bought a Jimny I could for the first time venture into the eastern side of the mountains. I had always been warned about the roads in that part of the mountains. Earlier this year Sonia and I had gone as far as Wupersdal but were turned back due to the bad roads. So it was with a sense of expectations that I ventured out into the ‘backside’ of the mountains. (There is a bit of Indian English) Armed with a good map, my camera and the basics for camping, I set out on my break.

The harvest is in. – Dec 2015

Drove past Wellington, gave the Bains kloof pass a miss and went around the mountains.
Stunning views of the harvested fields with the mountains as backdrop.

Drifting cotton balls

Cottons balls of white drifting in vast expanses of blue sky.
The road into the sky. The clearness of the sky emphasises the vastness.

Endlessly on

Once you enter into the Cederberg mountains, it becomes a dirt road twisting seemingly endlessly deeper into the mountains.

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